Bush Craft with Dave Tully

Bush Craft with
Dave Tully

Welcome to Woodwise North East Woodwise has evolved over many years with roots originating in the 1960s when founder Dave Tully joined the scouting movement and developed a lifetime interest in woodcraft and campcraft – displines now generally known as Bushcraft. His interest was later honed and sharpened through years of army training and real life experiences whilst serving in H.M.Forces. Dave established Woodwise NE to share his wealth of experience with anyone who may have an interest in bushcraft and survival techniques, whilst bringing together an inventory of top quality supplies and equipment more than capable of doing the job ‘in the field’ through this information website and online store.

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Besides selling our range of outdoor survival gear and camping equipment, Woodwise North East delivers courses around the UK on subjects such as:

  • Woodcraft- A combination of traditional woodland crafts and outdoor living
  • Camp Craft- a more in depth experience of living and working outdoors
  • Bushcraft and survival techniques
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Self reliance
  • Rural Crafts
  • Community and survival gardening
  • Community and Co-operative Development

During our courses we have been able to demonstrate sound common sense techniques using tried and tested tools and equipment to demonstrate the subject areas above. Many of our course participants have asked us to supply them with the tools and equipment we use.  We continually try to source High specification clothing and equipment at affordable prices. Some times this might be old tried and tested tools and equipment that have not been changed for hundreds of years like a bill hook or they might be cutting edge bang up to date bits of kit such as a Solar Kettle or charger that is energy efficient and cost effective.  The prices of much of the branded outdoor clothing are astronomical and we try to avoid them if we can find a comparable more affordable alternative. A good source of clothing we have identified is that of military surplus, and we have access to clothing and equipment from all over the world.  We really like the idea of recycling and reusing military kit some of which is new and never been issued and some of which is a grade A reissued condition. Military kit is of a much higher standard to that which can be seen in “Civvie Street.” To-date we have used equipment and clothing from European, Scandinavian and North American clothing and equipment surplus sources which have proved to be of a high standard and in many cases a higher standard than can be bought in branded / stores and at a more affordable if not at a fraction of the high street price.