Anevay Horizon Stove Review

The Anevay Horizon stove is a highly efficient and well designed rocket stove.

Horizon in action

Anevay began making products for humanitarian use, the Horizon stove follows this tradition and as such has several clever design elements which also make it the perfect companion for any bushcraft otuting.

The stove itself only weighs 1.8Kg making it less of a burden to carry with you if you’re travelling around on your adventures. It is however, rather on the large side compared to gas or liquid fuel stoves, but in my opinion this is a fair trade off for being able to use wood,leaf litter, paper etc. for fuel. Thankfully Anevay included a storage/carry bag made out of recycled tyres, this has plenty space for the stove, maybe a pan or pot too, and can double as a way to carry and store wood once you’ve made camp.

The bright orange cage around the stove makes picking up the stove easy, and because of it’s design it remains cool to the touch allowing you to move the stove while lit or still hot; this can really help with clearing camp. Another benefit of the cage is that you can easily reposition the stove depending on wind conditions to prevent it blowing out, or move it to shelter if a sudden downpour occurs.
The cage remaining cool doesn’t mean that the Horizon stove doesn’t pump out heat. Anevay claims that the stove only requires 250g of wood to boil five litres of water in around fifteen minutes. In my own test I found this to be quite accurate, it took just under five minutes to boil roughly one litre of water and that was on a very cold day. I found the Horizon stove easy to use, I gathered some dry leaf litter from the woodland floor and after lighting that slowly fed larger strips of wood through the top until I had a controlled fire going. The open front design allows you to continue feeding fuel into the fire as it burns, placing new wood directly into the hottest part of the stove means no heat is wasted and even slightly damp wood quickly dries out and burns.

All of this is pretty standard for this style of rocket stove, what’s unique to the Anevay Horizon stove is that it’s a gasifying stove.
This means that the stove burns nearly smokeless since the stove reuses the smoke as fuel, which is of big importance for Anevay’s humanitarian work, but also a very nice feature for the rest of us. The low amount of smoke helps keep pots clean and removes the need to constantly switch where you’re sitting if the wind changes direction. The reduction in smoke also helps the environment and reduces the amount of fuel you need to use.

The Horizon stove is easy to maintain, it’s stainless steel design is robust and due to it’s lightweight and portable nature cleaning is easy; simply pick it up, tip out any extinguished fuel and give it a shake. The bottom tray of the stove and “floating” flue design also help prevent scorching the ground, which is great for leaving no trace.

Overall I’m very happy with the Horizon stove, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative to a campfire or as a way to move away from using expensive gas. Or for something a little bit unique.

The Anevay Horizon Stove can be purchased directly from our website here:
And if you want to see it in person, keep an eye out for news of Woodwise at events and shows.