Campcraft is probably most associated with the scouting movement around the world. It can be seen as the art of living under canvas out in the wilderness. Most of the camp craft techniques were learned and adapted from indigenous people around the world.

This would also include the skills to set up camp kitchens using primitive and modern cooking techniques and creating camp gadgets such as a washing stand with a portable bowl, water storage and food hygiene to make life safe and comfortable while living in the wilderness.

Cooking stoves such as the frontier stove and the Dutch oven would fit into this in a traditional sense along with open fires and using fire craft to make fires for cooking, warmth and signalling.

A good knowledge of fire lighting using friction, spark generators as well as specialist matches, solar ignition through magnification is needed.

More modern methods such as solar cooking could be considered in this skill base and the solar kettle could be used in such a place.

The safe use of knives and axes could be used in this discipline. The type of knife such as the folding lock knives or fixed blade such as the sheath knife or saw blade knives.

An understanding of the safety issues, cleaning and maintaining techniques used to keep your blade sharp and functional at all times.