Frontier Stove

mqyDfqeU-iNEczGur2fw8LwThe Frontier Stove (with optional water boiler and pans)

This a fantastic piece of kit, a portable wood burning stove that can be used for both cooking and heating. There is even a water boiler that fixes to the bottom section of chimney.

The design of this stove is excellent, note the three legs; it is always easier to level objects on uneven ground on three legs. Milking stools always had three legs and many of the devices we use in green woodworking have three legs because of the uneven ground we work on.

The basic kit comes with the chimney sections which are stored inside the stove for easy transportation. The joy of this stove is that it comes with a host of optional accessories.

These accessories increase the versatility of the stove and allow it to become an integral part of your home heating system especially as a back-up in power cuts or really bad weather (extra flue sections available for such installations)

Using the tent kit to take the chimney safely through the tent roof or wall you can install it inside your tent, there is also a spark arrester to top your chimney and a heatproof mat to stand the stove on.

You could also do the same in your allotment shed or ‘man shed’ using the shed kit, make it a home from home.

When using the stove indoors, shed, tent, home, caravan or camper it is advisable to install a carbon monoxide alarm and this is also available as an accessory.

There is also a water heater that holds up to three litres of water and is designed to wrap around and clamp onto the bottom chimney section and sits on top of the stove. When boiling or when space is required on the stove it can turn or swivel to hang off the chimney still keeping water hot.

Both the water heater and stove have optional carry bags, which is useful way to transport your stove and accessories.

I have been using my stove for about a year now and I take to the courses I deliver in woodland areas and shows where I demonstrate wild food foraging and cooking. (See the stove in all its glory at the Northallerton home grown food Festival 23 June 13) or just for a family day out at the beach or picnicking.

At some point in the near future I intend to install a frontier stove in my house purely and simply to help reduce winter fuel bills and to be there for any blackouts or fuel shortages that will happen in the future.

This stove was designed for humanitarian use in areas of crisis or natural disaster and has proved itself around the world, it is the perfect bit of kit for self-reliance and for survival situations.