Military Surplus

Much of the equipment we use is military surplus equipment and clothing. Much of the ex military equipment we use and hold in stock is new, never having been issued or is of grade A, which has been issued but is in a new condition.

The nature of military activity demands that everything manufactured is made to the highest standards and is made for a purpose not a price.

This cannot always be said for the high street equivalents or replicas. Military surplus has a great reputation out performing most high street brands and at a fraction of the cost.

At Woodwise we source most of our stock from European/Scandinavian sources as well as some from the USA. In our experience we have found that this stock is of superior quality. We have Trangier style spirit cookers at a standard far superior to the civilian trangier cookers. These cookers are on general issue to Swedish and Austrian forces.

Look out for more equipment and clothing in the near future and check out our other pages or our store for more products.


Army surplus goods