The Portable Cooker

Portable-CookerThe Portable Cooker

This particular portable cooker is based on the now world famous Esbit cooking stove and was originally a German design but one that has been adopted by many armed forces for many years now.

Certainly in my time with the British army they were on general issue along with compo rations and I am sure many ex-squaddies out there will remember them fondly.

The Esbit style stove is fuelled with small solid fuel tablets which can be stored inside the cooker for packing and transportation.

The metal cooker opens up to reveal the fuel tablets which can be easily removed, then place the cooker on a level sheltered surface and using two or three tablets placed on the stove and ignite.

Always make sure you have everything prepared for cooking before you ignite the blocks to use the fuel as efficiently as possible. You can supplement the fuel blocks with twigs and pine cones saving on your valuable fuel blocks.

There are many positives to these small stoves;

  • Small and compact
  • Easily ignited in most weather conditions
  • Can be fuelled by tablets and supplemented with twigs and pine cones, wood shavings
  • The fuel tablets can be extinguished and re-lit
  • Very affordable
  • Very effective

I carry one of these stoves whenever I go off the beaten track I also have one in an emergency kit in my car especially in the winter months.